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Purified Water System for Medical Equipment
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Medical equipment water include no sterilization medical equipment ,implantable medical equipment and cleaning of product ,cleanroom suit,apparatus and environment and preparation of solution.

The usage water standard of medical equipment is classified into drinking, purified water system ,water for injection and sterile water for injection. The water quality of the equipment that the Shanghai CY-Water manufacture meet drinking water standard,meet FDA,cGMP,GMP and pharmacopoeia standard and analytical laboratory standard.

After the circulation pipeline and distribution system of purified water and injection water for medical device process are running for a period of time, The whole system should be disinfected and sterilized regularly to reduce microorganism of the system .CY-Water Pure steam generator can sterilize regularly through heating . Pasteurization is carried out under 85℃ or the pure steam is sent manually to conveying pipeline for disinfection. Thermal disinfection can control the on-line temperature,no need to monitor residual amount of medium after disinfection,Heat disinfection has strong penetration.

CY-Water can customize water treatment equipment according to different customer’s requirement .

The purified water equipment for process water and water for injection equipment for medical devices produced by CY-Water shall be implemented in accordance with the guidelines for quality management of process water in the production of medical devices (Announcement No.64,2014 of the State Food and Drug Administration ).

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