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Purified Water System for Scientific Research Institution & Laboratory
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The purified water is usually classified into three level ,I level is ultrapure water of reagent,II level is analytical grade, III level is ordinary experimental water .the detailed parameter as following :

Pollutants in Water

Measurement Parameters

I Level

II Level

III Level



> 18.0

> 1.0

> 0.05

Organic Matter


< 10

< 50

< 200


< 0.03

< 0.25



Particle>0.2 units/ml

< 1





< 10

< 100

< 1000



< 1

< 100

< 1000

CY-Water can customize products according to customer’s experimental requirements .For example,the water for molecular biology experiment ,tissue culture,chemical analysis and instrument test should use I Level , The preparation of microbial culture medium ,buffer solution,dissolution test ,biochemical reagent preparation should use II Level . III level is usually as inlet of equipment of steam sterilization,and also cleaning water .

Daily maintenance affect usage life and water quality of pure water equipment. The bad water quality and daily neglect of cleaning and maintenance will aggravate and shorten the service life of pure water equipment .It is easy to produce biofilm on the surface of water tank and RO membrane ,which will cause problems in the operation of pure water equipment preparation system. Such as blocking of filter membrane,increasing of internal pressure,leakage of system and damage of booster pump .The way of preventing biofilm is to regularly disinfect RO Membrane and clean water tank ,replace consumable in time .Regardless of the water consumption,all the consumables immersed in water will inevitably form a biofilm.In use,the consumables of pure water equipment should be replaced timely according to the situation,so as to avoid the formation of biofilm and make the pure water equipment reach the best state ,and maintain the high consistency of the experimental results under the background of low pollution.

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